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  1. Cale Molloy
    These little guys are almost too strong

    Bought these to stick stuff on my toolbox. I never thought something that small could be that strong. Theyre almost too strong. I’m considering buying a few more to replace the magnets on the refrigerator. I’d definitely recommend these to anyone looking

  2. Deane Howell
    Too powerful for Warhammer Base

    I am building warhammer 40k miniatures and wanted to use these for the bases so that i could easily store my models and transport them. They were a smidge thicker than the 25mm base thickness and so they stuck out. They fit perfect on all my bases larger

  3. purplemtn
    Awesome magnets

    These magnets are perfect for small objects. I use them in crafting. They are tiny but mighty. Really great purchase. First batch I bought were way to tiny. These are perfect. I use them for bottle caps, wood, clay and small dominoes. I haven’t tried them

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