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  1. Catherine
    Great size variety

    This is such a good set of magnets. They’re strong for how little they are but they’re not at all near impossible to separate or move around. In the pack they’re stacked in columns by size and you can easily just slide the top one off the column to use it

  2. Lone
    Great for hobbies

    I use these to magnetize the bases of my Warhammer minis so I can store them without sliding around and to provide weight to top heavy figures. They work great and are much cheaper than what I paid for similar magnets at the local hardware chain. They are

  3. Amazon Customer
    Super little refrigerator magnets

    About the size and color of a hearing aid battery, these magnets hold onto a refrigerator better than anything I’ve ever used before. Now I want to find magnet board material to use around the house.

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