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  1. Fredsmom
    Good for cooking utensils and my fridge

    Wanted something to hold my cooking utensils from the fridge. Tried a one piece 5 Hook holder, but it kept slipping down due to weight. Using these single clips to individually hold one utensil each works much better and doesn’t take up any additional s

  2. Leroyme

    I’m using these on the metal flashing on my chimney, to run Christmas lights without drilling into the chimney! I zip tied the light string to these magnetic hooks, so they don’t accidentally come off in the wind. The magnets are very strong, haven’t had

  3. Sabrina
    Worth It

    BE CAREFUL with these magnets. When they said 100 pounds, I did not believe them. I just wanted one hook heavy duty enough to hold up a thick calendar without it sliding down my filing cabinet. These magnets are overkill for the calendar, and almost da

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