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  1. AGMezins
    Crazy for magnets (and quantum physics).

    I have to confess that I do have an “attraction” to magnets. With that said, these are really strong, especially when hung UNDER something horizontally, which is the only way they can achieve their greatest holding strength. When used vertically, if the w

  2. HG-Washington
    Flat, Swivel, Strong

    These strong magnet hooks swivel so you can install them many different ways. The hook part is at a good angle so that most things easily hang from the hook. See the wooden handle in the pic. The other hook will not hold the wooden spoon due to the hol

  3. Bill B
    Effectively Convenient!

    This is my second order of these magnets, they work great holding up my pans, utensils I cook with the most… Working out means you eat healthier by cooking more… It’s a pain to dig out the things you need to cook with when you live a busy active lifes

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