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  1. Bruce Aungst
    A variety of sizes and all are small

    The largest magnets in the group are about the diameter of a dime at most. The others are smaller. The small ones are small, about the diameter of a small pencil eraser. They are reasonably strong. Having an assortment is handy. Price is right. They stay

  2. Jimmy L
    Size/Strength ratio is outstanding!

    Very solid magnets! I haven’t had any issues with them breaking like others have but I am certain if I were to be careless, they are probably strong enough to break if they impacted each other. I personally don’t really care about the exact size, but they

  3. Guinevere Peterman
    You want a strong magnet?

    You’ll get a strong magnet. Normal refrigerator magnets have nothing on these. You can stick enamel keychains on them and they won’t slide down magnetic surfaces. The weight is nothing.They can chip if you accidentally let them snap together too hard – an

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