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  1. Annette
    Yes, they are small. But they are strong and work great.

    Lots of comments about the small size of these. My husband was so disappointed when he opened them. I asked him “did you really look at the description and the picture, and read the reviews before you ordered?”. Of course not. Which is what I am think

  2. Patricia
    Amazing magnets!!

    Awesome magnets!! We bought them for our metal pergola to add a mister unit. We didn’t want to drill into our pergola.

  3. JackNYC
    Perfect size for my needs

    I’m doing some major cable organization on my computer desk. It’s a metallic desk that my dad bought back in the 70s. Underneath and around the top is a “gutter” that perfectly fits these hooks (the base of these hooks are just under 5/8″). I run power ca

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