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  1. CV
    Perfect for my classroom

    My classroom lacks display space and pocking holes into the magenetic boards is not a logical option so I use these magnets to hold charts in place. The first picture shows 8 laminated charts being held (approximately legal sized.) The second shows 4 post

  2. Gypsy Forest
    Small but super strong!!

    Theese little things are strong!! I love them, i thought they would be bigger, when I first opened them I was dissapointed, but when I put one near the vent hood on my stove it grabbed right to it and is STRONG!! I have heavt metal measuring cups hangin

  3. Tawanna
    Strong magnets and very handy.

    These magnets are strong! I’ve put them on the frig to hang my most used spoons and spatula. I have several left over but I realized I can use them in my storm safe room (I live in Moore OK) and I can stick one on the ceiling and it will hold the lantern

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