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  1. Larry
    Strong for their size

    These magnets are pretty strong. I have no clue if they will hold 25 lbs. I used these to attach a blanket over my fireplace to block the draft. A fireplace cover is over $100 on Amazon. This was a much cheaper option and I can pick any blanket I want.

  2. Carole
    very effective

    I had been trying to hold something onto a metal surface with suction cups but it kept falling down every few weeks. I thought about trying a magnet and am really glad I chose these. I read some frightening reviews about some more powerful magnets that in

  3. byebird
    love these!

    My kitchen is not really big and I wanted to hang spatulas and measuring cups on the side of my refrigerator. I believe these are the ones that hold 25 pounds. I bought another package earlier that held 60 pounds, but did not need that kind of weight. You

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