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  1. Amazon Customer
    Strong, great price

    Great price, great product! I am always skeptical when it comes to magnets especially when they can be pretty pricy. I use magnets for a lot of my craft projects and when I needed a thinner magnet but just as strong as the thicker ceramic ones, I honestly

  2. AD
    Just as described

    These are great! And it takes a lot to get magnets to stick to my slippery refrigerator. Two of these held a large think slice of wood.

  3. mohamad
    Tiny and strong

    Love these …. very thin and very strong. The only complaint I have is that some of them cracked and broke. You have to be very careful sticking them back into on another, kind of fragile

Ceramic disc magnets 12x2mm Circular Neodymium Magn...


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