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  1. Gwendolyn
    Strong and quality magnets on both sides work best

    Look closely at the picture is magnets I have glued onto the insulation so it hold itself shut during wind storms I am able to stick a small heater underneath and the magnets are able to keep the opening closed during Highwinds very strong little maintena

  2. moinerzdad
    Great for magnetizing 40K bases!

    These are the size you need to magnetize your Warhammer 40,000 bases. The 2mm size will keep popping off, because they will sit literally one millimeter away from the metal shelf. You’ll want zapagap and some zip kicker to make a quick and solid bond.Will

  3. Sielke Voss
    Small but powerful

    These magnets are indeed small but they are very strong. I use them to hold postcards on a metal message board and they do a great job. I am sure they could hold heavier objects as well, especially of more than one magnet is used. For my use with the post

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