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01: Which Type Of Rare Earth Magnet Suits The Best For Various Applications In Life?


In the marketplace, there are roughly 6 different types of permanent magnets available, and per material and format that you can find easily on the Internet. Just because of that, selecting the right magnet might be a little confusing from time to time. Here comes a quite simple guide on how to opt for the right types for your different needs:

The very first one is: Neodymium Magnets: This is one of the most popular magnets in the whole industry, and more than 99% of products we sell on this website is this kind of magnet, and it is used for strong pulling force, and it could bear the room temperature or up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, and compared to the other five types of magnets, the cost of this type of magnet is also the highest, however, on our site we offer you this kind of high-quality magnet with the cheapest price since we want to build promote our brand other than just earning cash. And nearly all of the applications you can use this type of magnet to accomplish, such as home improvement, DIY, leisure, industrial use, aerospace use, medical use, and more.

The second one is: Ceramic Magnets: About this type of magnet, it is perfect for the applications of a pretty low cost, and not very strong holding forces, alternatively, you can use it in a high-temperature environment.

The third one is: SmCo magnet: well, about this type of magnet, you can use it in some applications which need strong pulling force and a very high-temperature environment. And the cost of owning this is also pretty high.

The fourth one is: AlNiCo magnet: The perfect application for this type of magnet is somewhere you need high precision and a more stable magnetism however not very strong pulling force, just like other magnets, this cost is also very high.

The fifth one is: Rubber Magnets: The rubber magnet is, of course, a quite flexible magnet that is made of rubber, and about this kind of magnet, you can use it in the industry of advertisement, car signs, business cards, fridge magnets and more.

Last but not least, the sixth one is: Bonded Magnets: This magnet comes with a quite special shape, however, not very strong. And special shape or a very complex conformation.